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Missing Labrador Found!

March 27, 2010
Missing Labrador Found!

Updated (Thanks to Cindy) Tater has been found.  Yesterday, almost 100 people showed up to help the owners search for Tater.  Tater was spotted close to the scene of the accident.  When one of his kennel mates was brought to the scene: “Tater Tot responded immediately to Buddy’s cries and barks, bounding over a...
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Should you get your pet microchipped?

February 25, 2010

Owner Stephan Soleas and his dog Charlie are reunited, nearly 1,200 miles away from where they parted ways, but only about 50 blocks from where Soleas was staying in New Orleans.In a made-for-TV twist of fate, Soleas, 26, who came to town to make music and visit with friends for a few weeks, got...
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