Valentines is Coming – Beware of Chocolate

Though chocolate is toxic to dogs a lot depends on the size of the dog, the amount eaten and the type of the chocolate to determine how dangerous it is.  You can read on these sites about the different toxic levels of different chocolate types and the amount that is toxic per pound of dog etc.
You can get more info here

If your dog just ate the chocolate within the last 60 minutes you can get the dog to vomit it up using fresh 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can get directions on inducing vomiting by going here and scrolling down on the page.  Just close any pop ups to read all the info on that page.

Do this only on an easily cleaned surface. Some people have the dog stand in the tub to vomit so clean up is easy.

A fresh bottle of 3% peroxide is a good thing to have on hand in your doggy medicine chest!


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