Missing Labrador Found!

Updated (Thanks to Cindy)

Tater has been found.  Yesterday, almost 100 people showed up to help the owners search for Tater.  Tater was spotted close to the scene of the accident.  When one of his kennel mates was brought to the scene:

“Tater Tot responded immediately to Buddy’s cries and barks, bounding over a hill for a happy reunion.”

To read more about the happy reunion

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From an email message:

LOST DOG: Yellow Lab, female, around 4 years old, microchipped, named TATER. She has her Utility Dog title, so would know commands. Car accident last nite. EMT’s took my friend to the Hospital. Windows blew out, TATER went with them. My friend’s car accident was on I-93, between the exits of 8 and 9, she was headed toward Concord, NH. A yellow Lab was spotted near the Junction of Interstate 89 and 93, this morning (Concord, NH). Maybe, possibly her????

My friend was driving back from Boston, last night. She must have drifted off, for a second, hit the guardrails and bounced off and over. She rolled the car several times. The car behind her called 911. The EMT’s managed to get her out of the car, and right to the hospital. She is going to be ok, but her dogs flew out the windows (which all blew out). The people behind her, stopped to help, and one of the dogs jumped into their car (thank god!).

The other one, a female yellow Lab, about 4 years old, wearing a orange/red print collar, ran…….. The folks behind her saw her run across 4 lanes of traffic into the woods on the other side. The female yellow Lab’s name is Tater. IF anyone has a contact or contacts in that area, please ask if they can help. Her accident was between exits 8 and 9 (Hooksett and ??) A yellow Lab was spotted (2nd hand report) this morning near the Intersection of 89 and 93 (near Concord, NH). No idea if this is her, she did not stay around.

From the Union Leader:

“Tater is wearing a pink flowered collar and has tags, so the Dales are hoping whoever finds her will call them so they can tale her home with them. The Dales are staying in Manchester and can be reached on their cell phones: (802) 233-4241 or (802) 338-6534.”


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