Online Pharmacies

Many pet owners turn to online pharmacies and other sources for their pet medicines and flea products. While many online stores are reputable, there are some that are questionable.  To help you in your search, the FDA has a web page and a pdf  booklet to help you pick a reputable source for your pet’s medicines.  Some of their warning signs to look for are:

  • Site does not require veterinary prescriptions for prescription drug orders.
  • Site has no licensed pharmacist available to answer questions.
  • Can someone answer your questions about your pet’s medicines?
  • Site does not list physical business address, phone number, or other contact information.
  • Site is not based in the US.
  • Site is not licensed by the State Board of Pharmacy where the business is based.
  • Site’s prices are dramatically lower than your veterinarian’s or other website’s prices.
  • Site ships you medicine that you didn’t order or that looks very different from what your pet normally takes.

Counterfeit Advantage/Frontline

You’ve found your Frontline or Advantage on line for a great price.  How do you tell if it is the real thing?  The EPA has a great web page explaining  how to tell if it the real thing.   It lists the registration numbers for legitimate products and then gives lists of what to look for:

The pesticide products are sold in a carton. It is difficult to distinguish counterfeit products from EPA-registered products because they look very much alike. To determine if the product you have purchased is legitimate, check to see if it meets the following criteria. If the product fails any one of these criteria, it most likely is an illegitimate product and should be disposed of properly.

The only way to tell whether or not Advantage is counterfeit is to open the package and check the applicator tubes.  With Frontline, there may be a difference between the carton and the instructions and certain wording may not be on the instructions.

Before using Advantage or Frontline that you bought online, print out the EPA’s page and have it handy.


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