Book: Scent of the Missing

We’ve added a new book to our Amazon book list – Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search and Rescue Dog by Susannah Charleson.  After seeing a photograph of a search and rescue dog with her tired partner resting after working all night during the Oklahoma City bombing, the author was inspired to begin training for SAR herself.  Now, she works with a Dallas based search and rescue organization.This is the story of Puzzle and their journey together.

Some reviews:

The Seattle Kennel Club:

“Charleson, a member of the Metro Area Rescue K9 Unit, it Dallas, is at her best when describing the special bonding between handler and animal, not only in searches but in the maturation process at home.  And she really shines when taking the reader through the rigorous three-staged timed certification testing process in a building, urban and wilderness settings in search of volunteer victims, challenges where an estimated 80 per cent of the dogs fail.”

Kirkus Reviews:

“While the common threads of canine companionship and humane compassion run consistently through the book, the author wisely grounds her journey in reality, writing that SAR work is serious business and “not a hobby or a Sunday pastime.”

An inspiring collection of rescue tales ideal for dog lovers and armchair detectives.”


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