Cat Center Stage

The Cat Fanciers Association has a new web site for cat lovers From their announcement flier:

“Do you love cats? Are you curious about cat breeds and personalities? Did a lovable stray stroll into your life and win your heart?

If so, join us as we celebrate the felines in our lives with this exciting new website! is the newest and most comprehensive Internet resource for cat lovers.

The website provides an immense wealth of detailed information about cats!  Our online forum is up and running. and ready for discussion about everything feline.  As a forum member you will find discounts on products, opportunities to pose questions to our experts, enter contests, and tell others about your cats and your work helping cats in need.

CatsCenterstage is attracting cat owners every day!

You, too, can-

  • Determine the color/pattern of your cat – a mackerel tabby, a bi-color, or maybe a calico.
  • Learn about feline health and behavior issues, and discuss them in the forum.
  • Find out about the personalities of all the CFA recognized breeds.
  • Read about how to show your cat, or participate in feline agility competition.
  • Enjoy games, puzzles and quizes about cats.
  • Become acquainted with the basic nature of the cat.
  • Discover grooming tips from professionals.
  • Hear all about laws that affect cat ownership.
  • Be prepared in case of a disaster in your area.
  • Be a part of life saving efforts for stray and feral cats.

Visit today!”


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