AKC CAR Donates Microchips and Scanners to NC SART

Here’s a good example of an animal charity making a  donation that really will help the animals. From the American Kennel Club

— Microchipping Supplies Will Stock 40 Companion Animal Mobile Equipment Trailers in North Carolina —

To assist with future North Carolina disaster relief efforts, AKC Companion Animal Recovery has donated eighty boxes of AKC CAR pet microchips and forty ProScan700 universal microchip scanners, a $32,800 value, to the North Carolina State Animal Response Team (NC SART). These microchips and scanners will greatly increase the likelihood that the pets of North Carolina will be reunited with their owners in an emergency situation or in the event that disaster strikes.

NC SART will stock the microchips and scanners in the Companion Animal Mobile Equipment Trailers (CAMETs) deployed in forty North Carolina counties. These multi-use, easily deployable CAMETs provide immediate shelter during disasters and contain items such as crates, first aid kits, power cords, dog bowls and more. Since their creation, however, these trailers have lacked microchipping supplies.

“We appreciate the efforts of NC SART and North Carolina first responders to protect our state’s citizens and their pets, and believe the AKC CAR microchips and scanners made possible by the Canine Support and Relief Fund will be of great benefit and assistance to their good works,” said Tom Sharp, AKC Companion Animal Recovery CEO.

During hurricanes or other evacuations, many people cannot take their animals with them to hotels or human shelters, but must leave their pets with emergency animal shelters. In response to this dilemma, AKC CAR donated the microchips and scanners to ensure that all pets will be properly identified in the event of a disaster and returned quickly to their rightful owners when their families are able to return home.

For tips on disaster preparedness from AKC and AKC CAR, visit here.

For more on the story, visit www.wunc.org and listen to “AKC Chips In.”


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