VIN News: Veterinarians reporting possible problems with Blue Buffalo dog food

The Veterinary Information Network (VIN) has an article about possible problems with Blue Buffalo dog food.  This is not an official recall, but it is worth reading the entire article if you do feed your dogs Blue Buffalo.

For The VIN News Service

“Veterinarians are trying to discern whether roughly a dozen dogs testing positive for hypercalcemia and consuming the same high-end diet is merely coincidence or a problem with the pet food in question.

The reports have cropped up on the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), an online community for the profession and parent of the VIN News Service. In message board discussions, veterinarians have revealed cases of hypercalcemia secondary to vitamin D toxicosis occurring in dogs that eat a single brand of dry pet food: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Diet, chicken flavor. In each of the cases, veterinarians report that dogs’ conditions have improved after switching brands”.

via VIN News.


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