NPR Fresh Air: Helping Your ‘Good Old Dog’ Navigate Aging

Nicholas Dodman visited with Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air.  Here’s a taste:

Dog receiving checkup“As dogs age, taking care of them becomes more difficult. Owners of aging dogs often struggle with their pets’ dementia and incontinence — as well as navigating through the maze of end-of-life care decisions.

Veterinary behaviorist Nicholas Dodman is the head of the Animal Behavior department at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and has worked with aging dogs for decades. He says that old age isn’t a disease, but a stage of life for pets and owners to navigate.

Dodman recently collaborated with other vets from Tufts University as well as writer Lawrence Linder on a reference guide for owners of older dogs, called Good Old Dog: Expert Advice for Keeping Your Aging Dog Healthy, Happy and Comfortable.”

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