Easy to make Holiday Dog Neck Band

Nancy Holmes
  • You will need enough of your favorite holiday wire edged ribbon to go around your dog’s neck. Choose a width ribbon suitable for your size dog.
  • Matching thread to sew the ends of the ribbon band shut
  • Dental Floss (optional)
  • Bells (optional) choose a size right for your size dog.
  • A regular sewing needle
  • A larger needle with a bigger eye (optional but needed if you choose to add bells to the collar)
  • Some safety pins if you plan to use bells
  • Scissors to snip ribbon, thread and floss

Measure your dog’s neck where you want the neck band to sit when it is complete and then check that measurement against the measurement around your dog’s skull to make sure you can slip the neck band on over the dog’s head when it is done.

To the neck measurement you add one inch or so extra for seams.

Cut the wire edged ribbon to the right length.

Make a small fold in each end of the ribbon to fold in the wire ends. Be sure to fold the bright side over onto the less bright side to make the seam correctly. Make this as straight as you can so sharp points do not stick out. Red arrow in the picture points to where the first try wasn’t quite even.

Then fold that folded edge over one more time. This should take about ½ inch for each end with ¼ inch folds. Again check the edges to make sure no sharp points are seen. Red arrow shows where sharp point was not folded in correctly. Fold  any visible wire ends away from where they might rub on the dog’s neck.

If you choose to add bells to the collar:

Space the bells the way you want them along the ribbon. Use the safety pins to fasten them on to keep them in the right spots before you sew them.

Thread your larger eyed needle using dental floss.  Using the needle, wrap the dental floss several times around the hanger portion of the bell and tie it off before sewing the bell to the ribbon. Be sure not to pucker the ribbon when pulling the floss. The floss, and wrap of the hanger area, keeps the sharp metal edge on the bell from cutting through the thread.

Tie the floss off against the ribbon fabric with a French knot. This knot is made by putting the needle through the cloth without pulling all the thread through. You then wrap the loose thread around the needle 3 times and finish pulling the thread through and tightening down the knot. You can see how the thread wraps around the needle here. You can then snip the floss off and the bell should hold in place.

Finally you stitch the ends of the collar together along the folded seams you made earlier. The stitching doesn’t have to be perfect but should go from top to bottom of the band along two lines for secure hold.

This creates your holiday neck band to slide over your pet’s head, for festive walks.

Put the ribbon pattern correct side up when sliding on the collar. Wrong way up is seen below on Willow!


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