Canine Behaviors Free Event

Horse & Hound Physical Therapy Free Event

Join us for this Free Evening Lecture on Canine Behaviors on Wednesday May 14th at 7 pm PLEASE DO NOT BRING DOGS!

At one time or another, every owner has to deal with a problem behavior with their dog. Here are a few common ones….

  • Does your dog dig up your garden or flower bed?
  • Do you find yourself calling for your dog to “Come”, only to spend hours chasing the pup around the yard, park or neighborhood?
  • Are you friends, family, neighbors hesitant to come to your house because your dog barks and growls and snaps at the sound of the doorbell, or jumps at people’s faces when they enter the house?

Understanding why your dog does what he/she does, and how to handle the situation correctly, can help resolve problems quickly.

Join us Wednesday, May 14th @7pm at Horse ‘n Hound, 531 Amherst St, Nashua, to we discuss common dog behavior issues and learn some easy steps to correct them.

Please call 603 816 4444- to reserve your seat. We like to get a “head count” ahead of time to provide for adequate seating for every one. Please do not bring aggressive dogs to this evening lecture.  Selected dog attendance will be granted by advance permission to bring your dog to this lecture. Please call us 603 816 4444!!!

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