End of Life – Knowing When is When…?

Join us this Wednesday for
Free Evening Lecture on

 End of Life – Knowing When is When…?

on Wednesday June 11th at 7 pm
at the Horse ‘n Hound Clinic
531 Amherst St, Nashua, NH

As pet parents, we will all have to face difficult end-of-life issues as our pets age. Possibly the hardest decision we will have to make is knowing when it may be time to say goodbye to our beloved companions.

     Dr. Sharon Sernik is a 1994 graduate of the Texas A & M College of Veterinary Medicine. She has been practicing small animal medicine for 20 years, first in Florida and now in New Hampshire. She is married and has 3 teenagers, 3 dogs, and 5 cats. In addition to occasional work at area practices and at the Humane Society, Dr. Sernik owns and operates Journey’s End Home Euthanasia Service. Dr. Sernik provides home euthanasias and end-of-life consults to address pain control, hygiene, and environmental issues.

     Dr. Sernik will discuss how to assess when it may be time to consider euthanasia, as well as explaining the euthanasia process. She will also be available to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to look at her website the-journeys-end.com.


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