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Ask Nancy: Eew – Poo!

You go to clean the cat box, or pick up after your dog and find a terrible mess instead of the usual firm stool. Your dog or cat is producing stools that are soft, mucus filled or maybe even bloody…


Ask Nancy: Red Spots!

There you are innocently giving your dog a tummy rub when you see red spots on that wiggling belly! What on earth could these spots be? There are a number of possibilities and I’ll list some common ones here. Those…


Ask Nancy: Are You Ready?

t’s been another winter and this year another storm hit where many lost their power for days or had damaged homes. Here, we have had the electrical work done and invested in a generator, and stored gasoline, so we can…


Ask Nancy: Gasp, Snort, Honk – What IS that noise?

A reverse sneeze sounds like a cross between coughing and gasping for breath and can last for a couple of minutes. You may also see drooling with this.

You can read up on reverse sneezing here: It may be from the soft palate getting irritated. If the palate is a bit swollen, and gets stuck, the reverse sneeze can help get it back in the right position.

Here are a couple of videos of reverse sneezing – turn on speakers to get the full effect.


Ask Nancy: Leap up and Lick Someone!

Dogs jump up to greet us is they typically do greetings to the face area. As our face, unlike another dog’s, is way out of reach for most dogs, they try to get up to that area as best they can, thus the leaping is intended to get them closer to the greeting area.

Most cures for jumping up used to involve corrections using various methods to make the jumping behavior uncomfortable for the dog.