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Upcoming Training Classes

The Lakes Region Kennel Club will be offering training classes at both the Meredith Community Center and Gilford Youth Center. Training your dog is one of the best things you can do.  Studies have shown that dogs which are trained…


Ask Nancy: About Shyness

Does your dog seem shy to you? Is your dog afraid to meet new people, new dogs, or walk in new areas? Does your dog jump away when something new is experienced? Shyness in dogs has many causes. Sometimes it…


Ask Nancy: Variable Reward Training

Variable Reward Training to keep training interesting for the dog Mostly today trainers talk about using food lures and rewards for putting in behaviors and perfecting them. This method works pretty well if you know how to use it correctly…


Autism Service Dogs

CNN has a great story about a mother who wanted a service dog for her autistic twins.  In her case, she decided to start with a puppy and have it trained locally. “When McMillan asked the trainer whether she was…



New Hampshire seems to be confused as to what season it is, so, we are bringing you a beach video! This  was made by a group of first-time dog owners in Hungary, The Promotion Group of Népsziget, using the Mirror…


Help Your Puppy be Confident and Brave

Many people add a new dog to their family this time of year. It would be terrific if each of these new pets came from the homes of responsible and knowledgeable breeders, but that is not always the case.

Good breeders devote many hours each day to socializing their pups before they are released to their new families. Socialization is one of the most important things a human can do for a dog.


Ask Nancy: Leap up and Lick Someone!

Dogs jump up to greet us is they typically do greetings to the face area. As our face, unlike another dog’s, is way out of reach for most dogs, they try to get up to that area as best they can, thus the leaping is intended to get them closer to the greeting area.

Most cures for jumping up used to involve corrections using various methods to make the jumping behavior uncomfortable for the dog.